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Virtual AMI – Smart Metering Delivered as a Service

Virtual AMI services reduce your costs and simplify smart meter management.

Virtual Advanced Meter Infrastructure (V-AMI) is a revolutionary concept in AMR/AMI. V-AMI is a service, which removes the upfront capital cost and lowers the operating cost for utilities.  Instead of buying the meters, network and software, we provide them to you for free. In exchange, there is a low monthly service fee for each meter — about the same cost as a manual meter read.

V-AMI is a flexible, low-cost, no-hassle model which enables a utility to concentrate on running its core business rather than spending capital to implement and maintain AMR/AMI. V-AMI is part of a revolution in enterprise computing. Many companies have already adopted this service model for functions such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

V-AMI is based on Glen Canyon Corporation’s standards compliant NEXGEN smart meters communicating through already existing network infrastructure using IPV6 to NEXGEN Cloud meter data management software and browser based applications in the Cloud.

How Does It Work?

We deliver NEXGEN and NEXGEN gateway meters to you. You install them. Once installed, NEXGEN meters automatically register themselves with the NEXGEN Cloud meter data management system. You access relevant meter data from a computer with Internet access at your facility using one of the NEXGEN Cloud applications. It’s that simple.