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The NEXGEN Solution

NEXGEN provides utilities more cost-efficient, effective and convenient solutions

The NEXGEN solution consists of low-cost NEXGEN Smart Meters communicating through existing networks to NEXGEN Cloud software running in the Cloud.

From the Cloud, utilities receive relevant meter information through the NEXGEN Cloud suite of web browser-based applications. For highest reliability, flexibility and ease of implementation, end to end communications are carried out using IPV6 Internet protocol.

Each NEXGEN meter is a web server, which communicates through a robust wireless mesh network to a gateway. Gateways fit inside a standard NEXGEN meter. No additional special equipment is needed.

Typically, 20 meters are in a single mesh network with a gateway creating a Neighborhood Area Network (NAN). The gateway meter aggregates meter data from each meter in the NAN and periodically sends it across a Wide Area Network to the NEXGEN Cloud software in the Cloud.

The high ratio of standard meters to gateway meters reduces both hardware cost and meter data transmission costs. Because a utility territory can have varying communications topologies, the NEXGEN gateway is offered with different WAN technologies to best match each situation.