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Glen Canyon Corporation Products

The Smart Meter, Re-imagined

NEXGEN Smart Meters are designed, tested and guaranteed to be standards compliant — offering high accuracy plug-and-play functionality for network-integrated metering of active, reactive power and energy.

The meters perform real-time computing and storage of energy variables and time of use metering with reading intervals up to the minute, and reporting intervals by hour, day and month.

Through NEXGEN Cloud software and web browser-based applications, users can perform demand reading, power outage reporting, remote disconnect (load shedding for commercial/industrial) and optional prepayment. NEXGEN meters are available with or without a load disconnect relay.

NEXGEN ANSI Electricity Meters
NEXGEN ANSI meters are certified to ANSI standards by third party laboratories. They include the necessary functionality to comply with the US Department of Energy requirements for network integrated metering of active, reactive power and energy. Click here for more information.


NEXGEN  IEC Electricity Meters
NEXGEN IEC meters meet IEC requirements for Electricity Meters. They are intended for use in IEC service as the primary meter for residential and commercial service according to EN and CISPR guidelines. Click here for more information.


NEXGEN SubMetering
NEXGEN submeters have a uniquely small physical size, making them ideal for apartment buildings and other applications where space is a premium. Besides saving space they are easy to install and maintain. Email for more information.


NEXGEN Gateways
NEXGEN meters communicate through a wireless mesh network to a Wide Area Network communications gateway. In the NEXGEN system, communication gateways are embedded inside the NEXGEN Smart Meter, so no other gateway or communications equipment is necessary. They offer robust two-way broadband network communication over the backhaul network you choose. Click here to learn more about NEXGEN gateways.