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Prepayment Applications

The Prepayment Application

The Prepayment web application manages STS (Standard Transfer Specification) energy credit tokens through the NEXGEN Cloud and wireless network.  It is an alternative to the traditional method of prepayment using physical tokens.  It enables utilities to use the same infrastructure to offer both credit metering and prepayment metering to its customers using NEXGEN electricity meters and NEXGEN Cloud infrastructure. The system accepts secure value tokens and messages in STS format between point-of-sale equipment and itself.  NEXGEN meters contain a service relay for electricity disconnect when energy credit is fully consumed.

NEXGEN meters can be configured as split meters with In-Home Display.  Token information is entered into an In-Home Display unit that is wirelessly connected to the NEXGEN meter.

The NEXGEN meter and In-Home Display unit are compliant with IEC specification IEC 62055 parts 21/31/41 & 51 and are interoperable with STS compatible vending systems.