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Power Outage Reporting Portal

 The Power Outage Reporting Web Portal

The Power Outage Reporting web application improves the reliability and availability of power.  It also helps minimize lost billing revenue.

The web application provides continuous and/or on-demand power condition status of individual meters or groups of meters (E.g. served by a feeder or substation).  The application is supported by a powerful Graphical Information System (GIS) for visual location of the failed meter.   Outage information is also presented in numerical/ tabular format for capturing all meters without power. Captured data includes time of power outage, street address, geographic location coordinates and other pertinent information.  There are data entry fields for entering information from utility sources such as nature of problem and expected power restoration time.

The application operates as an automatic function with alerts displayed on the meter dashboard as well as messages to responsible departments and individuals such as key responders. It can also be interfaced to utility Outage Recovery Workflow Systems.