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No Proprietary Network

NEXGEN’s innovative use of existing networks has made it unnecessary to build proprietary networks, thereby slashing costs.

Until recently,  wide area networks (WAN) for data backhaul and two-way communications in AMR/AMI systems have been implemented using proprietary networks — either a meter reader holding a purpose built IR reader or an unsightly and expensive network of towers and antennae running on private frequency bands.

How NEXGEN Advanced Metering Infrastructure Is Different

With advances in microelectronics and communications technology, utilities can take advantage of existing infrastructure available for WAN data communications. Cellphone networks (GPRS/SMS/e-mail), and/or copper or fiber Ethernet networks are already in place. These existing networks provide the backhaul and two-way communications and control between the meter and meter data management, at the utilities’ own facility or in the Cloud.

It is no longer necessary to build proprietary networks or install expensive towers and repeaters.

Utilities save time by not having to design and install network infrastructure, not to mention enduring the sometimes lengthy and frustrating permitting process for the towers and other hardware. According to IMS Research, utilities can reduce up front capital expenditures by over 40% when installing an AMI system by using public cellular providers. They can also reduce operating expenses and lower operating costs resulting from cutting back or eliminating networking and communications staff required to maintain a metering network.

NEXGEN Smart Meters make it easy for utilities to select the best WAN backhaul network for their needs. The WAN gateway is located inside the meter and is available in multiple WAN formats. When utilities choose to use the cellular network, they realize further cost savings because Glen Canyon is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). We negotiate great rates with network operators and are able to make frequent data collection affordable to our customers.

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