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Register Billing API

The Register Billing API

The Register Billing API (Applications Programming Interface) delivers energy usage information to the utility’s Consumer Information System (CIS) billing software.  Billing data is delivered in synchronization with the utility’s billing interval.  The Register Billing API can also supports data-on-demand for use by customer service representatives and other utility functional groups.

NEXGEN Cloud software creates usage data from register reads received from NEXGEN meters.  The data provided through the Register Billing API can be end-of-period register reading or total energy usage over the billing period.  Besides kWh, any of the 11 parameters measured by NEXGEN meters can be reported.

Register data is formatted for popular billing standards such as MV90, XML, JSON, CVS and .xls.  The Register Billing API is configured in the REST Web services format, making it easy for the utility to request data in accordance with its needs.  Data is sent via a secure network connection using either HTTPS SSL or a VPN tunnel.