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NEXGEN Cloud is a multifunction computer program running in the Cloud. It acts as a head end to collect meter data, a high-integrity data base for storing and organizing meter data and finally a web server for serving browser based applications such as power outage and remote disconnect to the utility.

Head End

As a head end, NEXGEN Cloud receives data as it is being sent from NEXGEN meter gateways. Data received may be in the form of a GPRS e-mail, or as packets sent through the Internet from a NEXGEN Ethernet wired/fiber gateway. Each email contains time-stamped interval measurement of both active and reactive energy and other utility selected readings such as voltage and temperature. Additionally, the NEXGEN meter may communicate to NEXGEN Cloud upon alarm conditions such as power failure and line sags and surges.


After the incoming meter data is parsed, a logical record is written into the NEXGEN Cloud data base. Typical data base entries include: meter number, utility, time and date, group or user. The NEXGEN Cloud database is regularly backed up to ensure data security.

Web Applications

Utilities access their meter data through NEXGEN Cloud’s suite of web-based applications. These applications are served through the Glen Canyon Corporation website. These can be directly integrated with your IT system so the look and feel of the interface matches your corporate standards. The web portal can also be used to download raw meter data into your utility computer systems, for applications such as billing or data mining. The data is available for download in the format and at the frequency that is best for you.

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