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Lowest Cost

NEXGEN’s Smart Metering solution is the industry’s lowest cost to install, manage, and scale up  — while still enjoying all the functions of AMI.

Lowest Cost to Install

It starts with our NEXGEN meter (link to product page). We have taken the latest microelectronics and communications technology and engineered it into a compact highly efficient design. The result is superior performance and industry leading low cost.

You continue to save in the deployment and installation process. NEXGEN fits ANSI and IEC standard formats and is easy for installers to install. NEXGEN meters are also self-initializing. When powered up, NEXGEN meters automatically communicate through the network to the NEXGEN Cloud meter data management system. The only task required of the utility is to geo-locate the NEXGEN meter for the power outage applications.

NEXGEN requires no proprietary network structure. This eliminates the cost and time to deploy and maintain a proprietary network. AMI based on older technology uses expensive towers and repeaters for systems running on private networks.

Lowest Cost to Operate and Maintain 

Finally,  meter data is collected, organized and managed by NEXGEN Cloud software in the Cloud . It runs in secure, low-cost data centers so you don’t need to build and maintain your own data center. Applications like AMR and power outage reporting are delivered from NEXGEN Cloud to the utility through a web browser-based application. If you want the raw data to feed your own systems, for billing or data mining for example, it’s also available for download in the format and at the frequency that is best for you.

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