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Our Vision 

We envision a world where plentiful energy is available to all – enabled by the efficient management of its generation, distribution and use.

Our Mission

Using state of the art microelectronics, communications and manufacturing technologies, we provide truly cost-effective, standards-based Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions that deliver critical information to electric utilities worldwide, empowering them to manage electricity efficiently.

Our History

In 2005, investors created Glen Canyon Partners on the observation that advances in the Internet, enterprise computing and the continuation of Moore’s law in semiconductors could make a significant impact on how Smart Metering and AMI were implemented. The group also saw that a new business model based on service could be applied to the industry.

Glen Canyon Corporation came into being in 2011 ready to take these ideas to market by implementing a cost-effective, real world smart meter solution for utilities using highly integrated system chips (SOC), end to end IPV6 Internet conductivity and Cloud computing.


Leading Glen Canyon’s management team is Dr. John Heibel, Chairman and CEO, along with Larry McFall, President and Chief Operations Officer.

Other members of the team have extensive experience in the utility, semiconductor and high volume manufacturing industries. Team members have worked together in various combinations on some of the largest AMI developments in the world.


Glen Canyon Corporation is a privately held company. The principal investor is Glen Canyon Partners LLC. For more information contact