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Meter Data Retrieval

The Meter Data Retrieval Application

The Meter Data Retrieval and Reporting web application enables utility personnel to interrogate meter data records on an individual or group basis.

Each meter in the system has its own individual dashboard. The Utility can select what information to display on the dashboard and in what format.  Any meter measured parameter or its calculated derivative (for example maximum voltage over time) can be displayed in flexible graphical and tabular reports.  See the table for meter read parameters and their calculated derivatives. Dashboard information is refreshed by utility selected periodic update intervals or on-demand.  Meter operational status and meter communications messages are also displayed.

The dashboard also displays meter location, supported by a powerful GIS (Graphical Information System) interface.   To further assist in locating a meter, there is also a window to display an on-site photograph of the meter.  Utility supplied information such as street address and meter ID can be also included.  

The Meter Data Retrieval web application is adaptable to cover other meter types including water and gas meters.