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Analytics Application

The Analytics Web Application

The Analytics Web Application enables a utility to leverage AMR/AMI data into actionable information.  It provides easy access to near real-time information, helping generate faster ROI on investments, identify new business opportunities and facilitate compliance to regulatory change.

Analytics can be used to improve general AMR/AMI system health, revenue protection, load monitoring, loss calculations, event analysis (including outages) and billing optimization.

A wide range of information can be selected for analysis and can be combined with other data in many ways. Analysis can be made of individual meters or groups of meters (E.g. served by a feeder or substation).  Any meter measured parameter, or its calculated derivative (for example maximum voltage over time) can be displayed in flexible graphical and tabular reports or exported in popular data formats.  See table for meter read parameters and their calculated derivatives. Analytics reports can be dynamic, being refreshed in near real time or generated on-demand from bulk historical data.