Find out how we've re-imagined the
Smart Meter as an IPV6 Internet
communications device for
delivering metrology data -
seamlessly integrated into
industry standard form
Why build network infrastructure
when networks are already in place?
Discover the multiple options we
give you.
Learn how storing meter data in the
Cloud and accessing it through
browser-based applications saves you money and increases
your data integrity and
See how NEXGEN, the industry's
lowest-cost Smart Meter, use of
existing networks plus Cloud-based
storage and applications give
you a winning combination
for lowest cost – even
lower with V-AMI.
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Glen Canyon Corporation helps electric utility customers reduce capital and operating costs, improve revenue, and enhance customer service through innovative, economical AMR/AMI solutions. By taking advantage of the latest technological advances in microelectronics, IPV6-based Internet conductivity, Cloud computing, and efficient manufacturing methods, Glen Canyon Corporation has re-imagined the smart electric meter and the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that supports it. Based in Silicon Valley, Glen Canyon Corporation’s Smart Meter solutions draw from the considerable utility industry experience and expertise of its founding members.